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Our people and mission focus drive impact for our clients

Passionate delivery to ensure your success

We deploy small, focused teams whose sole focus is on helping your achieve your goals.

  • Learn: Understand your strategic goal and key needs
  • Plan: Establish an approach and build organizational consensus to confidently move forward
  • Realize: Work hand in hand with your team to implement and refine the plan based on validated learning

We have a strong history of tackling difficult challenges head on and driving them to success. Our corporate approach thrives on constantly improving, so whether we have helped others with similar needs or are tackling a wholly new opportunity, we always bring an innovative and driven mindset.


Strategic Technical Consulting

We cut through hype and help you find impactful solutions to your mission


Software Delivery

Our expertise transforms software efforts with next level efficiency and best practices


Artificial Intelligence

We understand how to move AI from aspiration to reality

Open Source Driven

Open Source Driven

We start with open source solutions - contributing and leading several in the community, including founding and serving on the Steering Committee for Technology Brewery.



We offer a full range of services from strategic planning to nuanced technical realization

Strategic Roadmaps

Synthesize, communicate, and rollout a strategy to achieve your technology goals


Establish technology neutral and specific architectural approaches

Service Oriented Design

Create separation of concerns via traditional service oriented principles and microservices

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage data pipelines and machine learning with repeatable, enterprise-grade patterns

Infrastructure as Code

Repeatably capture and deploy holistic, fault-tolerant systems

Efficient Delivery

Ultra-efficient software delivery lifecycle (SDLC) patterns that emphasize impact over ceremony

We Live To Solve Your Most Critical Challenges

We focus on impact, not staff augmentation - let us help your strategy and delivery needs today!



Our team is growing - check back for more members soon!

Ryan Ashcraft


Ryan has spent 23 years delivering enterprise solutions with a focus on artificial intelligence, service oriented architecture, model driven architecture, and leading edge software delivery approaches. His experience includes working in large and small companies as well as Government and commercial clients, providing a holistic and tailored perspective on what is needed for each unique customer.

Eric Konieczny


Eric has over 15 years of professional experience delivering technology consulting services to the government and private industry. He is a proven technical leader with a demonstrated ability to develop innovative solutions to challenging problems, specializing in Big Data analytics, large-scale system-to-system integration, DevOps, and artificial intelligence.



We are located in the Washington, D.C. Metro area, but support geographically remote projects

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